Now, the teaching profession is no longer the main choice of our students. It has become a profession that is less preferred. But the nation and community will continue to place thiis profession above others.

We must glorify it forever because teaching is not easy and nor everyone can shoulder the responsibilities that come with it. It is a difficult task and needs the right qualities and qualifications. I hope the Institute of Education will fulfill its ambitions to produce good teachers. To this end, it needs to find excellent students.

These choices should be weighed carefully as the Teaching Services Scheme appropiately provide a way for teachers to obtain a higher salary, in line with the level of their contribution.

The Teaching Institute is an important element in the development process of the country. Its enermous servive has made our community literate, technologically sound and well-informed.

Well developed human resources will be incomplete without the role of teachers in educating the nation. Through their teaching, the country had its need for professional organizations and skilled labour fulfilled.

In this respect, with the achievement of 50 years of teacher training in the country, it is appropriate for the Teaching Institute to have continued training sessions and preparations to produce quality teachers.

The teachers produced by the institution must be knowledgeable and have characteristics assosiated with the teaching profession. They must be authoritative, dedicated, caring and commited to their tasks and responsibilities. If we have skilled and quality teachers, then we can hope to produce quality students.

The success of these efforts will be seen when the teaching institue produces its own graduates who are in demand to work at institutes in the public sector but also in the private sector, locally and abroad.

Also its products must fulfill the needs of stakeholders in all aspects including skills, ethnics and attitude. If they do not, then the teaching institution has failed to fulfill the aspirations of the country and its people.

His Majesty’s titah at the Chancellor Hall, University of Brunei Darussalam in conjunction with the Golden Jubilee on Teaching Education on 10th August 2006

Source :

Ungkayah (UBD Newsletter)

Issue 3 Jamadilakhir-Ramadhan 1427/July-September 2006